Vegetable Prices in Bangka Regency Stable

Sungailiat: The price of vegetables in the Sungailiat kite market, Bangka Regency, is currently monitored normally.

Pipin, one of the vegetable traders in the market, said that for now the price of vegetables is still relatively stable, there are even some types of vegetables that have decreased prices. Among the shallots which are in the range of Rp. 18,000 – 20,000 / kg from previously around Rp. 30,000, then for the long red chili is in the range of Rp.38,000 – 40,000 / kg after the previous month at a price of Rp. 80,000.

“For onions and chilies are declining because currently the stock is abundant, but overall the price of vegetables is still stable, even though the dry season is quite long now but for the stock I feel it is still safe, because shipping from outside the region is also still quite smooth without any constraints, “he said, Monday (09/30/2019).

Pipin said, for the time being the obstacle experienced by traders was the decline in people’s purchasing power, according to him it was due to economic conditions in the Babylonian Province which were less promising.

“In my opinion this is also caused by the drop in prices of agricultural commodities in Babylon such as pepper, palm oil and rubber, then also the tin mining sector which is increasingly sluggish, so this reduces people’s income and results in declining purchasing power,” he explained.

He further hoped that the supply of vegetables such as chillies from outside the region could be reduced, because if it was excessive it would have an impact on supplies from local areas that were not selling to the market, so it was feared that it would make prices unstable.

Source : Harga Sayur – Mayur di Kabupaten Bangka Stabil

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