Temanggung residents pioneered kelengkeng agro tourism

Residents of the Greges Village, Tembarak, Temanggung Regency, Central Java, pioneered the agro-tourism village by planting super kloheng fruit trees.

The super klengkeng prime planting was carried out by Temanggung Regency Secretary Secretary Suyono in the Greges Village garden in Temanggung on Monday.

Suyono said the breakthrough step in planting klengkeng was a smart thought to advance the village. “Through this klengkeng planting, we hope that we will be able to make the community more prosperous,” he said.

He said the activity was a trial of the development of itoh super klengkeng fruit in Temanggung and later could be developed in other villages.

Suyono hopes that through the development of the klengkeng, Temanggung will not only produce durian fruits from Ngropoh, but also become the center of the super klengkeng in Greges Village.

“Through the development of this klengkeng, there are more choices in Temanggung and this will be more profitable for farmers, because if the crops are uniform all the prices can fall,” he said.

The owner of CV Telaga Nursery Isto Suwarno who has floated the klengkeng garden in Prambanan, Central Java, said the kloheng itoh super planting program is still new and very appropriate for empowering the community’s economy.

“Through agro tourism, visitors will be able to pick their own klengkeng fruit from the tree. In this case, there is innovation in klengkeng not only in season,” he said.

According to him, the superiority of klengkeng is super thick, small seeds and thick meat.

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