Bursting Well Explodes, 5 Houses in Balikpapan Burned

Five houses were burned down by a gas explosion from a wellbore on Manggar Damai Road, Manggar Sari Village, East Balikpapan. There were no fatalities from the fire.

Reported by Antara, Tuesday (01/29/2019), the incident took place on Monday night (1/28), at 18.30 WITA. The explosion occurred and the fire then grabbed the wall of the house on RT 31 Jalan Manggar Damai.

The wall made of wood immediately burned and the fire continued to grow until it spread to neighboring houses. Not long after, firefighters arrived at the location and began spraying water to extinguish the fire. A number of officers from the police and military also helped secure the location.

Mayor Rizal Effendi arrived at the scene at 9:00 p.m. The fire at the location was extinguished and the officers conducted sweeping on the site.

“Staying cool. We continue to spray water to make sure there are no more burning coals,” said BPBD officer Usman, told reporters on location.

For large losses due to this fire is still calculated. So far there has been no loss of life. The officer temporarily closes the well that emits the gas with sand.

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