Indonesian Diaspora stories take advantage of SME product business opportunities in America

Indonesian Diaspora has the potential to become an agent to promote SME products Homeland abroad so that the marketing network is expected to be wider throughout the world.

Special Staff of the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Hermawan Kartajaya said the potential of the Indonesian diaspora was spread throughout the world is very large to support the development of the SME market in Indonesia.

“It is very great that the potential of the Indonesian diaspora spread throughout the world is for the development of SMEs in Indonesia, “said Hermawan who is also the Chairman of ICSB Indonesia in a written statement in Jakarta, Thursday.

He made a working visit to Orlando, United States, in the past week.
He found there were so many Indonesian diaspora who had enthusiasm and interest in participating and developing SMEs in the country.

For example Rosidah Siegel Harris, from Yogyakarta who has been living with her bleeding husband for a long time America at Orlando.In addition, there is also Retno Savitri’s daughter from Yogyakarta who lives with Father Sondi and family including one grandchild also in Orlando.

 “I met these two mothers from Yogyakarta with Roy Laurens, President of VIDA (Voice Of Indonesia, Florida) at the Bonchon Resto owned by Andreas Marpaung as well as the Indonesian diaspora, on the evening of January 22, “he said.

They, said Hermawan, are examples of several Indonesian Diasporas who have their own businesses in Orlando in the field of small businesses that represent SMEs in Indonesia.

Rosidah and Putri for example have a unique business, namely Funeral Casket from Rattan. “They both saw opportunities due to the US-China trade war in which the import of rattan coffins from China has increased from three percent so 10 percent. “He even said it would increase to 15 percent,” Hermawan said.

Responding to that, Father Sondi, the husband and daughter who had been the GM Express Taxi in Surabaya, already find partners namely Cirebon SMEs who can make such products.

“And the import tax, if from Indonesia it will remain three percent. An opportunity for Indonesian SMEs is reversed the global crisis, “he said.

While Roy Laurens, a doctoral candidate for Computer Science from the University of Central Florida and already Long time in Orlando also had a successful online business, “He ran it with his brother-in-law, Budiman Koswara, who lives in Tampa, Maximus, more from ten years serving sales of Digital Card sharing including I-Tunes Cards to 150 countries, including America itself, “he said.

Meanwhile Andreas, who is also a doctoral candidate for Computer Science, UCF, successfully opened a franchise business
the Kumon educational institution from Japan and Bonchon from Korea.

“These are some of the various examples of Indonesian diaspora in Orlando that also run various businesses,”
he said.

In addition to the plan on February 7, 2019, VIDA will stage the Malinkundang Show at Phillips Center for Performning Arts is cool in Orlando. “They are really very excited. Some Dispora have become US Citizens but they are still very loving Indonesia, “said Indonesian Consul General in Houston Nana Yuliana whose scope of work covers 12 states including Florida.

Source :Indonesian Diaspora stories take advantage of SME product business opportunities in America

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