US Continues to Press, Huawei Drops or Can Hold?

Huawei seems to begin to feel heavy pressure from the United States and its allies.Is this why the survival of the Chinese company is in danger?

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei has warned of the difficult conditions they face,even the possibility of layoffs.\the overall situation might not be as bright as imagined,we have to prepare ourselves for difficult timez,

Driven by the United States and its allies,Huawei was banned from holding 5G services in several countries because it was considered a Chinese government espionage tool.Then Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer,Meng Wanzhou,threatened to be extradited to the US regarding violations of trade law with Iran.

But Huawei is predicted to survive.There are still so many countries that want to use the 5G technology they made,the latest is Portugal.In England,O2 operator,EE and Vodafone are still testing the 5G service using Huawei devices.

Many operators in Europe where Huawei has a 40% market share,basically immersing a new generation of 5G BTS into existing infrastructure.That benefits Huawei,they made a lot of the existing infrastructure,Financial Times columnist.

Then,US contribution to Huawei’s revenue is actually not too high.They earn a lot of money from clients spread across Asia,Africa and Latin America.

Even though business infrastructure is disrupted,Huawei can still rely on the smartphone business which is now increasingly moncer.With the sub brand Honor,Huawei is the world’s second largest mobile vendor,only lost to Samsung.

Huawei also received a large loan from the state to support its business.However,The US still has a US card.Some of Huawei’s technology,

Source : AS Terus Menekan, Huawei Tumbang atau Mampu Bertahan?

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