Closing 2018, the Belawan Customs Office Thwarted Illegal Rattan Exports

Customs and Excise Belawan held a press conference on the illegal rattan export action on Thursday (27/12) at the Integrated Physical Examination Site of PT.Graha Segara.

Head of the North Sumatra Customs Office Oza Olavia revealed that various customs supervision activities were carried out to prevent and stop smuggling efforts,both in the activities of importing or exporting goods illegally or illegally.

After going through research,intelligence investigation and activities based on BC Belawan information and data,North Sumatra succeeded in thwarting the smuggling of natural resources in the form of rattan bars,

On the same occasion,Head of the Belawan Customs Office Haryo Limanseto revealed the chronology of the action of the rattan bar.\Customs and Excise officers immediately conduct research and inspection of export activities in the field considering that rattan is one type of goods which is prohibited from being exported under Regulation of the Minister of Trade No.44 / M-DAG / PER / 7/2012,\

Finally,Customs and Excise officers detect a loss of 3 Goods Export Notification documents with the name of the type of item notified, namely betelnut (areca nut) carried out by CV.ZM with destination countries Singapore and China.

The results of the investigation found 9 containers and obtained rattan in the form of bars of 2546 (two thousand five hundred forty six) bundles with a total weight of 154.910 kg,

For the failure of the smuggling effort,Customs has rescued state losses that cannot be judged materially because rattan is prohibited in exports but the negative effects are considered immaterial if it reduces the efforts of certain parties to destroy the environment / nature illegally and subsequently kills the growth of Small and Medium Industries

As a follow up in law enforcement,Customs has followed up on this case by conducting an investigation of the suspect initials AH as Director of CV.ZM for allegedly violating Article 103 letter a of Law Number 10 of 1995 as amended by Law Number 17 of 2006 concerning Customs.(jpnn)

Source : Menutup 2018, Bea Cukai Belawan Gagalkan Ekspor Rotan Ilegal

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