NTT woven ethnic motifs for many people glance

Now,not only traditional cloth fans who want to use NTT woven fabric.Most Indonesian people also started to like using it.

Ignasio Hapu,the owner of Gading Haumara Gallery also guaranteed it.more and more are looking for it,

The weaving trend began to stretch and was known to the wider community two years ago.Along with the coronation of batik as an Indonesian cultural heritage by UNESCO,NTT woven fabric was lifted in prestige.

NTT’s original woven fabric has various motives such as Sumba motif,Timorese motif,Rote motifs and Flores motifs.Ignasio said,the prices of various woven fabrics are quite high,ie Rp. 1,2 million to Rp. 15 million per share.Even,special fabric collections made with yarn made by the crafters themselves and natural dyes are priced up to Rp. 75 million per sheet.

The high price is indeed commensurate with the manufacturing cloth takes 8 months to a year, He said that most of the special fabric customers came from collectors.

Ignasio also revealed that many customers are now looking for ready-made woven clothing.That is to say,not in the form of more fabric sought by customers,but in the form of apparel.The reason,not necessarily all tailors can fit sewing NTT woven fabric.

The trend of NTT woven cloth motifs that are on the rise is also recognized by Sema Chintyadeni,Ethnic Mine owner from Bekasi,

Source : Motif etnik tenun NTT buat banyak orang melirik

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