Pedaling profit from a bicycle courier business

Congestion becomes a common enemy for those who live and move in big cities in Indonesia, especially Jakarta and its surroundings.In fact, not infrequently, motorbike riders find it difficult to penetrate congestion in the Republic of Indonesia, which is increasingly crazy.

In fact, motorcycles are the mainstay of shipping service companies to deliver packages to the heart of the city, with severe congestion levels.As a result, sending packages quickly became a challenge.

But, this challenge actually became an opportunity for Hendi Rachmat, who then pioneered the business of using bicycle shipping services.Carrying the name Westbike Messenger Service, he started this business since 2013.

Now, its business is growing rapidly and has reached four major cities outside Jakarta, namely Medan, Bandarlampung, Bandung, and Surabaya.Hendi said, the shipping service business was growing rapidly as traffic congestion worsened in Jakarta.

By using wind trains, the business of breaking through traffic jams, especially in business centers, is much easier.Because, traffic signs are more flexible and bicycles can pass through narrow spaces.

Not to mention, sending packages using bicycles can reduce air pollution.

Delivery of letters and packages by bicycle used to be a mainstay of shipping service companies worldwide including PT Pos Indonesia.In our country, the introduction is popular with the call of the postman who uses an ontel bicycle.

In the United States (US), bicycle couriers have come back first, snaking on the streets of big cities.In fact, there is a film called Premium Rush that tells bicycle couriers in Manhattan.

Margin can be 50%

Currently every month, Westbike Messenger Service, which is headquartered in Kebon Jeruk, South Jakarta, conducts 4.500 to 5.000 shipping at a cost of Rp. 30.000 per delivery for VIP and Rp. 60.000 for VVIP.For corporate or partner partners, the tariff is Rp. 15.000 per shipment.

As a result, the average turnover that Hendi could achieve reached Rp 250 million.While the operating margin ranges from 30% to 35%.

Other players who are trying their luck in shipping services using cycling couriers are Rizki Hermansyah, owner of Biker Messenger Solution from Serpong, South Tangerang.Starting a business one year ago, now he is serving 1 request.000 to 1.500 package shipments every month.

With rates starting at Rp. 20.000 to Rp. 75.000 per shipment, Rizki is able to achieve turnover of around Rp. 100 million per month.

According to Rizki, demand continues to increase in line with the growing popularity of cycling courier services in office and business centers.

Source : Mengayuh laba dari usaha kurir sepeda

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