Many Traders Complained, Pig Cages in Selat Panjang Food and Beverage Market were immediately relocated

SELATPANJANG – The presence of a pig pen that emits an unpleasant odor is complained by traders at Sandang Pangan Market, Selatpanjang City, Kepulauan Meranti Regency, Riau.
The existence of dozens of pig pens which are only 5 meters away from the market are not new, but have been around for more than 20 years. However, the relevant agencies seem to have been unable to move the pig shelter from the market environment.

For the convenience of market traders, the Head of the Meranti Islands Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP), Helfandi, who went down to direct observation said that he would immediately take steps and immediately coordinate with the relevant OPD namely the Department of Food Security, Food Crops and Animal Husbandry (DKPTPP) and the Trade Office, Industry, Cooperatives and UKM (Disdagprinkop-UKM).

“Many have complained, for that we need to take quick action to relocate this pig market, but before that we will coordinate with the relevant OPD,” said Helfandi, Monday (09/30/2019).

It is said that the former Tebing Tinggi Sub-District Head, the removal of the pork market will not make the meat traders lose their customers, only the market position will be moved. Where previously the cutting place was in front and the place of sale was behind.

“We will reverse this, if the current cutting place is in the front, it will be moved to the back. And the place of sale is shifted forward. Actually this can be moved depending on whether or not you want it,” said Helfandi.

Meanwhile, the management of the Market Traders Union, Rusdi, appreciated the actions that would be taken by the Satpol PP. According to him, this complaint had been felt for a long time. In addition, according to him, the first impression is very bad if there are guests from outside who come to visit the market.

“We as traders can not stand the conditions like this. Worse during the fasting month. We can not stand the smell of this pig pen, forced to have to cover the nose with a mask or cloth. The smell is very pungent. Besides, the more important is how to eliminate the bad impression. “to this market when there are guests who come to visit,” he concluded.

Source : Banyak Pedagang Mengeluh, Kandang Babi di Pasar Sandang Pangan Selatpanjang Segera Direlokasi

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