News Collection October 1, 2019

Qualcomm Still Supplies Chips to Huawei, How come?
Although Huawei entered the black list of the US government, they apparently still get a supply of components from Qualcomm. How come?

Palembang Pempek Lala Culinary Invaded Hundreds of Ojol Every Day
Joined two years ago with GoFood, this legendary MSME in Palembang experienced a sales increase of up to 30%.

NTT Asita appreciation Komodo Island canceled closed
Chairman of the Indonesian Travel Association (Asita) of East Nusa Tenggara Province, Abed Frans appreciated the cancellation policy of the closure of Komodo Island which was previously planned by the local provincial government.

“Pembatalan …

Seoul stock market opened down 0.04 percent
The Seoul stock market opened slightly lower on Tuesday morning, with the leading indicator of the Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI) weakening 0.91 points, or 0.04 percent, to 2.062.14 points in the first 15 minutes…

Japan proceeds with twice-delayed sales tax hike as growth sputters
 Japan rolled out a twice-delayed increase in the sales tax to 10% from 8% on Tuesday.

No-deal Brexit threat sends banking volumes in Britain to a 28-year low
The threat of a no-deal Brexit has sent profits and sentiment in Britain’s financial services falling at their fastest pace.

Christian Sugiono’s CUMI Marketplace won funding from East Ventures
 Christian Sugiono’s CUMI Marketplace won the Early Phase Funding from East Ventures.

Change the name of the restaurant, don’t forget to update the data on GoFood
 Restaurant owners must report the latest data to GoFood if they change their business name..

Police Hold Two Recidivists, Allegedly Demonstrated Mass Strikes in Bandung
In the aftermath of rioting in a demonstration in front of the West Java DPRD Building, Bandung, Monday (09/30/2019) night, police secured dozens of masses including two recidivists.

This is how Mulan Jameela appeared when she was appointed to be a member of the DPR
Singer Mulan Jameela today, Tuesday (10/01/2019), attended the inauguration of members of the Republic of Indonesia DPR and DPD RI 2019-2024 period at the MPR / DPR RI Building, Jakarta.

Trump’s ‘Civil War’ threat is ‘beyond repugnant,’ says GOP Rep. Kinzinger

Trump's 'Civil War' threat is 'beyond repugnant,' says GOP Rep. Kinzinger

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., an Air Force veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, criticized the president for quoting an evangelical pastor who was warned that a “Civil War like fracture” would occur if Trump is removed from office.

Chinese fugitive: Police use drone to find man who had been on the run for 17 years

Chinese fugitive: Police use drone to find man who had been on the run for 17 years

Police in China have managed to arrest a man they’d been hunting for 17 years, thanks to drone technology.

CNN en Español
Habla español? Visit CNN en Español for all the latest news and updates in Spanish.

Barcelona star form Giovani dos Santos suffers gruesome injury
Club America forward Giovani dos Santos was hospitalized after suffering a gruesome leg injury during Saturday’s match against C.D. Guadalajara.

Mexico ready to retaliate by hurting US farmers
Mexican Senator Armando Rios Piter told CNN that he plans to introduce a bill this week that would stop Mexican purchases of American corn.

Will the next iPhone charge wirelessly?
The days of plugging in an iPhone to charge won’t last forever.

Orangutans Live Harmony Together with the Batangtoru Hydroelectric Power Plant
SIPIROK, SUMUTPOS.CO – Orangutan Tapanuli tidak terganggu dengan keberadaan Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Air (PLTA) Batangtoru di Kab. South Tapanuli. That is, primate animals that live comfortably side by side with these renewable energy generators. “Tapanuli Orangutan Habitat is scattered in the Batangtoru ecosystem, which covers a total area of ​​165 thousand hectares. Always moving with 800-3 home range.000 Ha. Sementara luas tapak PLTA […]

Teachers Are Forbidden To Demonstrate Students
LANGKAT, SUMUTPOS.CO – Headsekolah dan dewan guru SMA, SMK dan Aliyah Negeri/Swasta di Kabupaten Langkat, diminta untuk melarang para siswa ikut-ikutan aksi unjukrasa. This was stated expressly by the Head of the Stabat Service Branch Office of North Sumatra Province, Ichsanul A’rifin, S..STP pada sosialisasi, terkait perlu tidaknya siswa berunjukrasa, di SMK Harapan Stabat Langkat, Senin […]

Jokowi: The Wamena riot was not due to ethnic conflict
BOGOR – Presiden Joko Widodo (Jokowi) mengucapkan duka yang mendalam atas jatuhnya 33 orang korban kerusuhan yang terjadi di Wamena, Papua. He said that the riots that took place in Wamena were not due to ethnic conflict. “Saya ingin mengucapkan duka yang mendalam dan belasungkawa yang mendalam atas meninggalnya korban yang ada di Wamena,” ujar Jokowi di Istana Kepresidenan …

Students Sues KPK Law to MK, Apparently This Is the Reason
JAKARTA, Be – Mahkamah Konstitusi (MK) menanyakan kerugian pemohon dalam judicial review atau uji materi Undang-undang Nomor 30 Tahun 2002, tentang Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (UU KPK).The material test was submitted by 18 students from various universities accompanied by the applicant’s power of attorney Zico Leonard Djagardo Simanjuntak. “Yang pokok juga adalah apa kerugian para pemohon. What constitutional rights…

Governor Anies: DKI Ambulance Comes According to Regional Police Request
JAKARTA – Pemerintah DKI Jakarta terbiasa mengirim ambulans ke setiap acara yang membutuhkan tim medis. Not only during the action, but also other activities such as sports.

Demo Victims In Front of West Java DPRD Reaches 431 People
BANDUNG – Aksi demo mahasiswa di depan kantor DPRD Jawa Barat berujung ricuh dan memakan korban pada Senin malam (30/9).

Oil prices are slipping because the Saudis are recovering their production capacity

Global oil prices closed significantly lower in trading Monday (Tuesday morning WIB), amid reports that Saudi Arabia has made progress in recovering its oil production capacity.US benchmark, oil…

Komodo Island is not closed, only limited

Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan ensured that Komodo Island in NTT would not be closed but would be arranged with restrictions on the number of tourists.”Jadi Pulau Komodo ini tidak ditutup, kita lakukan …

Vegetable – Mayur Prices in Bangka Regency Stable
KBRN, Sungailiat: The price of vegetables in the Sungailiat kite market, Bangka Regency, is currently under normal monitoring.Pipin salah satu pedagang sayur mayur di pasar itu…

Bengkulu Provincial Government and OJK Distributed 10 Thousand Insurance Policies
KBRN, Bengkulu : Sebagai bentuk komitmen bersama mengedukasi masyarakat mengenal produk dan jasa keuangan, Pemerintah Provinsi (Pemprov) Bengkulu bersama Otoritas Jasa Keuangan…

Because of this, Awkarin claimed he was no longer idolizing the Chair of UGM BEM
Awkarin sebelumnya mengungkapkan jika dirinya mengidolakan Fathur karena lantang menyuarakan soal penolakan RUU KUHP. However, he withdrew it because Fathur stressed that he was anti LGBT. While Awarin is known to be quite vocal in defending LGBT rights.

Anies Asks People to Be Alert to the Threat of Changing Pancasila to the Communists
Anies Asks People to Be Alert to the Threat of Changing Pancasila to the Communists. He said, the most basic way to maintain Pancasila was to present all the precepts. Especially, the principle of justice for all Indonesian people.

Close Sulut Expo 2019, Olly Dondokambey Attract New Investors for KEK Bitung
Jakarta, – Penghujung kegiatan Sulut Espo 2019 yang merupakan puncak rangkaian HUT ke-55 Provinsi Sulawesi Utara (Sulut), Gubernur Sulut, Olly Dondokambey berhasil menggaet investor untuk KEK Kota Bitung, Minggu (29/09/2019). Dalam acara penutupan yang digelar di SMESCO Convention Hall Jakarta, Gubernur bersama Wakil Gubernur Sulut, Steven Kandouw serta sebagian besar tokoh dan masyarakat Kawanua […]

Sulut Expo 2019 Overview of ODSK Leadership Success in North Sulawesi
Jakarta, Manado – Sulut Expo 2019 di Smesco Exhibition & Convention Hall, Jakarta Selatan, ditutup Gubernur Olly Dondokambey, Minggu (29/9/2019). The closure of the North Sulawesi Expo which lasted for 4 days since September 26, 2019, took place lively and was attended by thousands of people. Sebelum dimulainya acara penutupan Sulut Expo 2019 yang mengusung tema utama North Sulawesi Pacific Gateway Indonesia […]

The Fragrance of the Coffee Business Across Generations
The culture of drinking coffee has infected millennial as the coffee business is flourishing nowadays. Business innovation, changes in consumer tastes, and stretching the digital ecosystem also play a role in changing the landscape of coffee business in the country.

Will Deflation, JCI Predicted to Rebound
Stock analysts from PT Indosurya Bersinar Sekuritas, William Suryawijaya, predicted the JCI on Tuesday (10/10/2019) would move in the range of 6.056-6.278.

Bekraf Discusses Creative Economy Together with Gorontalo Millennial Generation

Bekraf, Gorontalo – Badan Ekonomi
Kreatif (Bekraf) menggelar Millennial
Creative Talks pada 27 September 2019 di Grand Q Hotel Gorontalo. Kegiatan
bertujuan untuk mengajak generasi milenial Gorontalo mengenal ekonomi kreatif
lebih dekat.Menghadirkan narasumber Ketua
Indonesia Creative Cities Network (ICCN), Fiki Satari; Street Food
Photographer, Marrysa Tunjung Sari dan HeadDinas Pariwisata Provinsi Gorontalo, Bekraf mencoba menarik minat generasi muda
di Kota Gorontalo untuk masuk ke sektor ekonomi kreatif. Melalui kegiatan ini
Bekraf juga berbagi pengetahuan mengenai teknik fotografi sederhana yang bisa
dilakukan untuk mendukung kebutuhan promosi hasil produk ekraf di Gorontalo. “Dengan potensi yang dimiliki
kota Gorontalo, kami ingin mengangkat dan mendorong apa yang bisa menjadi
kekuatan ekraf di sini. Sebagai daerah yang sedang mengalami
perkembangan pesat di segala bidang, termasuk ekonomi, Gorontalo dinilai layak
menjadi salah satu daerah yang memiliki daya saing dalam hal ekonomi kreatif,” ujar Kasubbag TU Direktorat Edukasi, Amir Hamzah (27/9). Menyadari kondisi
ini, maka Badan Ekonomi Kreatif melalui kegiatan ini berupaya memberikan wawasan
dan pengetahuan baru tentang pentingnya ekonomi kreatif dalam pembangunan. Hal
ini bertujuan memberikan motivasi dan inspirasi bagi generasi milenial Gorontalo
untuk meyakinkan diri bahwa industri kreatif layak menjadi pilihan profesi. Kedepannya
diharapkan akan semakin bermunculan pelaku kreatif berprestasi dan berkualitas
yang dapat bersinergi dengan Pemerintah Daerah dalam membangun provinsi Gorontalo.

Kegiatan ini dihadiri 180 peserta
dari kalangan mahasiswa, pelajar SMA, dan komunitas kreatif subsektor radio,
musik, film, kuliner dan lainnya yang ada di Kota Gorontalo dan sekitarnya. Melalui
kegiatan ini Bekraf berharap dapat memotivasi generasi milenial Gorontalo untuk
mengambil peran dalam perkembangan ekonomi kreatif nasional.(FIT)

Indonesia’s Potential Audiovisual Archives Abundant
Bekraf, Solo—Indonesia memiliki potensi arsip audiovisual yang melimpah tapi belum dikelola dengan baik. Oleh karena itu, Bekraf bekerja sama dengan Institut National de l’audiovisuel (INA) untuk melakukan transfer ilmu pengarsipan audiovisual melalui Workshop Digitisasi dan Monetisasi Arsip Audiovisual.Wakil HeadBekraf Wicky Joseph Pesik menyampaikan INA merupakan lembaga pemerintah di bawah Centre national du cinema et de l’image animee (CNC) Perancis yang khusus mendokumentasikan arsip audiovisual. Bahkan INA tidak hanya melakukan pengarsipan tapi juga monetisasi, dimana pendapatan monetisasi digunakan untuk operasional lembaga sehingga dana pemerintah hanya untuk pengarsipan.“Pengarsipan di Indonesia masih jauh dari kata ideal karena ada masalah di infratruktur, metode dan tata kelola. Oleh karena itu, kegiatan ini merupakan kesempatan belajar yang sangat baik dan bagaimana model yang dilakukan INA bisa diadopsi di Indonesia,” ungkap Ricky saat Workshop Digitisasi dan Monetisasi Arsip Audiovisual di Hotel Alila Solo pada Kamis (25/9/2019).Direktur Preservasi Arsip Nasional Republik Indonesia Kandar menyebutkan ANRI menyimpan sembilan tipe arsip audiovisual, yakni foto (3,4 juta lembar), film (59.002 rolls), microfilm (14.463 rol), mikrofik (14.262), voice recording (45.445 kaset), reel to reel sound (946 reel), video (25.347 cassettes), vinyl records (101), and CD / VCD (16.152 buah).Salah satu produk audiovisual yang perlu diarsipkan adalah film. Ricky menyampaikan potensi film meningkat pesat sejak dihapus dalam Dana Negatif Investasi (DNI). Deputi Hubungan Antarlembaga dan Wilayah Bekraf Endah Wahyu Sulistianti menyebutkan jumlah film pada pada 2018 mencapai 172 film. Market share film Indonesia juga terus mengalami kenaikan dari 22% menjadi 32% pada 2016, dan mencapai 40% pada 2018. Jumlah penonton juga menunjukkan pertumbuhan dignifikan dari 16 juta orang pada 2016 menjadi 50 juta orang pada 2018.Ricky menambahkan peluang pertumbuhan layar bioskop di Indonesia masih sangat terbuka karena saat ini baru hampir 2.000 screens in Indonesia with a population of 265 million people. Padahal di Korea Selatan dengan penduduk 60 juta orang memiliki 6.000 layar, Perancis memiliki 8.000 screens with a population of 80 million-90 million people.Lebih lanjut, dia mengatakan Solo memiliki potensi peluang pengembangan di industri film melalui tiga aspek. Pertama, Solo berpeluang menjadi lokasi syuting sehingga perlu dibentuk Komisi Film Daerah (KFD) untuk menarik film maker ke Kota Bengawan. Kedua, pertumbuhan komunitas film untuk penguatan SDM. Terakhir adalah mendorong peningkatan jumlah layar bioskop yang tidak hanya menampilkan film nasional maupun internasional tapi juga film daerah.“Dengan jumlah layar bioskop yang banyak, memungkinkan film lokal untuk masuk dan tayang di bioskop, seperti film Uang Panai Mahal dari Makassar yang diputar di bioskop lokal dan ditonton 500.000 orang. This film is in demand because it has a closeness with the community, “he said.Sementara itu, penandatanganan memorandum of understanding (MoU) atau nota kesepahaman antara Bekraf dengan Percetakan Negara Republik Indonesia (PNRI) adalah pengembangan Lokananta yang salah satu fungsinya adalah pengarsipan audiovisual.

Apply Healthy Lifestyle with Healthy
In the current era of globalization, digital platforms are very well utilized by the application industry and also the website industry. One of the example is

Excessive Menstrual Pain? Beware You May Be Affected By These 4 Diseases!
Many of the womenfolk who will experience pain or pain when the middle of the period. Actually this is a normal condition. Penyebab

Buwas Statement on E-Warong Stealth Questioned
Kemensos mempertanyakan pendapat Direktur Utama Perum Bulog Budi Waseso soal banyak penyimpangan dalam pelaksanaan penyaluran BNPT, salah satunya E-warong.

Utilization of Natural Gas is believed to be More Efficient for Tang Houses
The utilization of clean energy from natural gas distributed by PGN continues to grow because it is believed that in addition to being more efficient, environmentally friendly and safer.

Success in realizing GERBANG RAJA (Prosperous People Development Movement) for residents of KUTAI KARTANEGARA – RITA WIDYASARI
Sukses mewujudkan GERBANG RAJA (Gerakan Pembangunan Rakyat Sejahtera) bagi warga KUTAI KARTANEGARA – RITA WIDYASARI

SMS Land Information “2409”
Layanan Informasi Mobile dalam bentuk Layanan SMS Informasi Pertanahan dengan kode akses “2409” merupakan salah satu bentuk inovasi layanan yang yang menunjukkan komitmen BPN untuk terus mencari bentuk-bentuk perbaikan mutu pelayanan. Inovasi ini akan memudahkan masyarakat yang sedang berurusan dengan Kantor Pertanahan untuk mengetahui perkembangan urusannya tanpa harus datang ke Kantor Pertanahan, begitu pula masyarakat […]

Batam Journalist Solidarity Action Calls for Stop Violence and Intimidation
Batam – Dozens of Batam journalists staged a peaceful protest against violence against journalists. This action was held in the Engku Putri area, Batam Center, Monday (09/30/2019)..

Dalam aksi yang diinisiasi Aliansi Jurnalis Independen (AJI) Kota Batam, Ikatan Jurnalis Televisi Indonesia (IJTI) Kepri, Pewarta Foto Indonesia (PFI) Prov Kepri, dan Asosiasi Media Siber Indonesia (AMSI), para jurnalis membentangkan spanduk dan poster sebagai tanda kecaman atas aksi kekerasan yang dilakukan oknum polisi …

Prisoner Madura Success Escape from Prison with Spoon Capital
Sumenep – Two inmates who inhabit Klumen IIB Detention Center in Sumenep, Madura, East Java managed to escape. Armed with a tablespoon, they break the lock of a holding cell and then escape.

Napi yang kabur adalah Matrawi (37) warga Desa Jeruan Kaok, Kecamatan Batu Putih dan Abdul Baidi (32) warga Banaresep Barat, Kecamatan Lenteng.

Matrawi merupakan napi kasus kekerasan dalam rumah tangga (KDRT) dengan vonis 2 tahun 6 bulan dan Baidi napi kasus narkoba dengan vonis 6 tahun.

Kepala …

Benny Wenda expelled from the UN General Assembly session
Benny Wenda (Papuan Separatist Figure) reportedly attended the UN Headquarters in New York this week, where he intends to attend the UN General Assembly Session. However, his presence actually led to the eviction – according to informant and media reports. Benny Wenda (Pemimpin United Liberation Movement for West Papua / ULMWP) bersama rombongannya hadir di Markas PBB New York sejak […]

Student Demonstrations Reject Khilafah and Overthrow Jokowi
Students from various campuses in Jakarta plan to take action again at the DPR / MPR RI Building today. One focus that the students demanded was to strongly reject the Khilafah and the overthrow of Jokowi. “Kami dengan tegas menyatakan seluruh upaya perjuangan kami tetap terfokus menyuarakan tuntutan kami sebelumnya. Kami tidak setuju dengan mosi tegakkan Khilafah Islamiyah,” kata Ketua Dewan […]

Saring Sungaibubu Village Farmers Fail Harvest, Rice Planted Damaged Impacts of Drought
Rain that began to fall in a number of areas of South Kalimantan, apparently not yet felt by residents in the Saring Sungaibubu Village, Kusan Hilir District

‘Threat’ Enji Baskoro to Ayu Ting Ting Related to Bilqis, Ruben Onsu’s Friend: I Love You
‘Threat’ Enji Baskoro on Ayu Ting Ting Regarding Bilqis, Ruben Onsu’s Friend: I Love You

Germany’s DAX-30 index rose 0.38 percent

German shares closed higher in trading Monday (09/30/2019), with the DAX-30 benchmark index on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange rising 0.38 percent or 47.14 points, to 12.428.08 points.German airline Lufthansa…

Tonight’s Champions League schedule

The Champions League schedule series will enter the second match for the Group A-D qualification on Tuesday night to Wednesday (2/10) early morning WIB, with main dish including Tottenham Hotspurs entertaining Bayern Munich and…

APBD-P Minuk Tapped by Rp1, 1 Trillion
 Monday (9/30/2019) around 23 p.m..00 Wita, DPRD Minut ratifies APBD Minut Change with a price of Rp1.1 trillion for the total budget in 2019, through the DPRD Plenary Session led by DPRD Chairperson Denny Lolong.

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