Palembang Pempek Lala Culinary Invaded Hundreds of Ojol Every Day

Jakarta – Culinary lovers visiting Palembang City now, of course, will not miss the legendary Pempek that has a distinctive taste
 One of the places that are the target of these chewy food hunters, namely, Pempek Lala
Nyimas Fadhilah, the owner of this culinary business told, at first he did not think his business could be known and hunted by many people in Palembang
 The change was felt when he joined two years ago with GoFood which made his culinary recognized by the wider community
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“At the store used to be mediocre, incoming transactions are usually only people who queue come directly to the store
 Now orders are increasing a lot through the GoFood app with sales increasing up to 30%, “Lala said her nickname, Wednesday (09/25/2019)
Lala revealed that the most increase in transactions she had experienced was when there was a GoFood promo or voucher for customers
 This has become one of the most memorable moments
 In one day there were hundreds of drivers who came to take GoFood orders at his restaurant

 so many orders that we will never stop open until we close again
 “Gojek drivers can enter 400-500 people, but that is precisely what can make Pempek Lala better known,” he said
Through the GoFood application, he said, customers can easily find menus sold at Pempek Lala, such as small lemper pempek, pempek adaan, pempek skin, pempek egg, pempek baked, and various crackers as food companions
“Pempek Lala also provides a package menu on the GoFood service to facilitate customers, especially tourists who want to bring home souvenirs from Palembang,” he explained
For information, to get a more affordable price, loyal customers and new GoFood customers can take advantage of a total voucher of 300 thousand rupiah to order any food menu on the GoFood service through the Gojek application
 The total voucher can be obtained until September 27, 2019
Customers can try the Pempek Lala menu and many other special foods on the GoFood service, because currently GoFood Indonesia has more than 300
000 culinary merchants, of which 96 percent are Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) who are ready to fulfill their customers’ culinary desires wherever and whenever
Customers only need to order GoFood as much as possible through the Gojek app to get the maximum profit and at the same time contribute to the development of culinary SMEs in Indonesia.

Source : Kuliner Pempek Lala Palembang Diserbu Ratusan Ojol Tiap Hari

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