The State Finance Law should be revised

The State Finance Act should be fully revised to support the realization of a non-cash payment system to facilitate transactions through information technology.

Mohammad Nasir, Minister for Research, Technology and Higher Education in Semarang on Saturday, explained that the current development of world technology leads to the transfer of payments from cash to non-cash, but in Indonesia it is not yet applicable if the State Finance Law does not support it.

“The problem is that the State Finance Law is behind, I always convey to the Minister, it must be reformed in the State Finance Law totally, if not, miss Nasir.

He argues that non-cash payment methods can make it easier to transact and save time and money.

Nasir exemplified the payment of toll gates that are currently using cards containing electronic money to accelerate the queue of vehicles and without the need to employ people as toll booth officers.

In addition, he also pointed out another thing that is the use of cards containing electronic money in paying food and drinks in the cafeteria. Nasir suggested that universities apply this to familiarize students in the use of technology.

Nasir also gave another picture of the disbursement of funds at a university that used time-consuming checks to be only via mobile phones and could speed up the liquefaction process.

“Later in the future, Mr. Rector paid the dean do not have to use checks, leave the check, must use` cash management system`, direct liquid that day without the need to connect with others, “he said.

However, the use of the non-cash payment system has not been fully accommodated by the law so it can not be implemented.

With the development and change, continued Nasir, college should also change and keep up with the times by opening contemporary programs.

“Higher education should move fast, that is with there digital economy program, there may be logistics management, retail management, perhaps in marine there biomedical, biotechnology,” said Nasir.

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