Try the opportunity to kick the Sumedang duck shop

Duck culinary business is still soft. Consumers are still hunting this menu as a variety of daily dishes.

Considered still promising, many new players emerging. Like Hendra Ciho who tried his luck through Duck Logay. According to him, the potential for duck shop business is still good as long as it has uniqueness. This food business just opened last December 2017, in Sumedang.

Getting a good response from consumers and want to accelerate expansion opening of outlets, Hendra opened partnership partnership in the fourth month. Until now there are two partners who joined in Subang, West Java and South Bangka.

Hendra offers duck menu from Rp 15,000 to Rp 20,000 per serving. He presents 15 kinds of menus in the store. Not only fried duck and roasted duck, but also there are fried chicken, tongseng duck, chicken, and others.

He claims the excess cooking is on a spice that consists of 23 kinds of spices so that the duck and chicken have a unique flavor.

Interested in this culinary business? Duck Logay offers co-operation with worth investments
Rp 80 million. What partners get is the use of a three-year business brand, training, promotion, system, and operational standard guidance.

If you want to open one ready-to-sell outlet, partners must prepare capital of about Rp 150 million. The fund does not include the cost of renting the location, so partners must prepare a unit outlet with a capacity of 15 seats.

For this cooperation, he uses a joint operation system so that partners simply invest their funds and wait for the results of sales reports every month. Distribution system, partners get a share of 40% and management 60% of net income.

It should be noted that each partner must take all raw materials from the center to maintain the quality of the taste and standard of the product.

Based on the calculation of Hendra, the required capital turnover time is around 1.2 years. With the record, total sales every day reached Rp 5 million. After deducting the cost of production and operations, the portion of operating profit that can be bagged about 30% of turnover per month.

Throughout the year 2018, Hendra target can open two new outlets every month. He also diligent for promotion through digital media, to attract new partners.

Erwin Halim, Business Consultant, assesses the potential of this business is still good for the next year. This is supported by the growing demand for raw duck meat.

In order to meet the opening targets of two branch outlets every month, management must provide an attractive cooperation offer and provide proof of business profits that have been obtained.

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