Jam H-3 Lebaran, Kakorlantas: New Private Employee Holiday

Lebaran, continued from the peak of homecoming June 12, 2018, occurred because travelers who arrived simultaneously, dominated by private workers who have just been off holiday.

Kakorlantas Polri Irjen Royke Lumowa said, according to data from Jasa Marga, the volume of vehicles today is less than the peak of homecoming on June 9, 2018. Density occurs due to the incoming flow of travelers simultaneously.

“Talking about the peak is how much the volume is coming out from Jasa Marga data that passes the toll, on June 9th of 109,000, June 12 only 104,000.So yesterday the second peak,” he said in Palimanan Gate, Wednesday (13/6/2018) .

“Well, but it’s solid, because the concurrent exit, because the private employees just off yesterday, but the volume is smaller than June 9,” he continued.

The point of congestion began to be seen on Tuesday (12/6) night. Especially in the Cikampek toll that found the density of homecoming flow.

Royke said the density in Cikampek was due to a bottleneck, so there was a narrowing current that made the vehicle rate slower. After that the outgoing travelers simultaneously also create a rest area solid. So even more density becomes.

“Keep that density in the bottleneck, in Cikampek there’s a bottleneck in Delta Mas, after that it will be a little smooth but he will meet again with rest area KM 86,” he said.

Then to disentangle the density of the officers impose a contraflow at some point that occurs density. Until now because of the density has been increasingly piled up one way finally applied.

“Then the effort we made was contraflow in some downbreak, when it was solid but the vehicle was still moving at speeds of 20-30 km / h, until finally we now open one way, the last attempt to unravel the density,” he concluded.

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