Do not Worry, Subsidized Fuel Supply During Mudik Flow 2018 in Riau Monitored Safe

PEKANBARU – Commission II of DPRD Riau ensures that the supply of subsidized fuel oil (BBM) of Premium type, sufficient during the homecoming flow 2018. Certainly, travelers who use private vehicles do not have to queue for hours just to fill the fuel.
It mentioned Secretary of the Commission II DPRD Riau, Ustad Mansyur, to, (12/6/2018), via cellular connection. According to him, the council has coordinated to Pertamina and other related parties to normalize premium jumalh as needed during homecoming.
“We’ve talked about this yesterday, and indeed about the fuel in Riau, we normalize the amount, so there is no long queue, I do not know what percentage of the addition, but we do not lack,” he said.
Meanwhile, the observation, indeed disejumlah gas stations in Pekanbaru, either day or night has not seen the queue of riders that transmitted to cause long congestion. Some of the cars that line up are still in reasonable quantities, as well as motorcycles.
Mansyur said, although the number of motorists on the road increased, but fuel consumption is certainly not only taken in Riau or Pekanbaru, so the level of fuel consumption does not exceed the availability at the pump.

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